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The ASVZ offers all university members an attractive and varied sports program that includes old favorites and plenty of opportunities to discover new activities. The ASVZ is all about people, the joy of exercise, fitness, work/study-life balance and improving the quality of life.

  • The ASVZ sports program is available exclusively to university students, staff and alumni.
  • The ASVZ membership for students is valid as long as the enrolment at the university or a SWITCH account is valid.
  • All other members will find their ASVZ membership in the ASVZ app after payment of their annual fee.

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Over 120 sports - For brain, body and soul. At ASVZ you are sure to find an activity that suits you. In addition to a wide range of sports, at ASVZ you will also find various consultations and opportunities for relaxation. Depending on the sport, you can choose from different types of offers. 

At the Sport Centers Polyterrasse, Gloriarank, Hönggerberg, Irchel, Fluntern, and Winterthur as well as the strength and cardio center in Wädenswil, you have access to various training areas with weight and cardio training equipment as well as functional zones for individual training. You do not have to sign up for fitness, but you must check in at the check-in terminal of the sports facility. You can find an overview of our fitness centers on the ASVZ website at asvz.ch/fitness

Classes are included in the annual fee and generally take place at the same time every week (subject to change during holidays). Please note:

  • New participants can join in anytime. Regular participation is not required.
  • Classes can take the form of instructed group exercises, games or free play (without an instructor).
  • Information about the lessons can be found in the sport schedule on the ASVZ website or on the ASVZ app.
  • Class cancellations are announced in the sport schedule.

In addition to on-site ASVZ activities, we offer several ways for you to stay fit with the ASVZ outside of the sports facilities. Not only do our livestream classes bring the sport to your home, but also the vibe. Even more independently you can train with our «on-demand» sports offers. These are permanently available in our video library in order that you can train when, where and how often you want. In the ASVZ training app, we also provide you with dozens of training exercises with which you can put together your own training plan. Further information about ASVZ@home...

Free sports activities
The schedules on the respective facility pages of the website show you the availability of the halls and rooms. 

Further activities
Some activities are limited in time and have participation fees. These include courses, camps, workshops, meetups as well as events/tournaments. Please note:

  • You can find information on these activities on the relevant pages on the ASVZ website, in the sport schedule on the ASVZ website and on the ASVZ app.
  • You can book these events in the ASVZ sport schedule.
  • Some activities, such as mountain sports, climbing, tennis, and sailing, are very popular and are booked up quickly. To increase your chances of getting a spot, find out about the booking details ahead of time and be ready when booking opens.

The highlights of the ASVZ calender are the following big annual events, which grow more popular year by year. These events require registration.

  • SOLA relay race teams of 14 run a total of 116 km in and around Zurich. Takes place in May.
  • Lecture series «Sport & …» exponents from the worlds of business, science and culture discuss sport in the context of a particular topic. Takes place once every semester.
  • Sports Week > a week of even more ASVZ offers. Takes place once a year.
  • UNI–POLY rowing regattathe prestigious rowing competition between ETH and the University of Zurich. Takes place in November.
  • Volleynight a fun, night-long volleyball tournament. Takes place in December.

The UNI–POLY rowing regatta is particularly interesting to watch, as it allows a more close-up experience than most other regattas. The competing teams are selected by the universities.

  • The sports activities take place at the ASVZ Sport Centers Polyterrasse, Hönggerberg, Irchel, Fluntern, and Winterthur, at the strength and cardio center in Wädenswil, at facilities belonging to the city or the canton, and out of doors.
  • To gain access to any Sport Center, scan the QR code in your ASVZ app at the check-in terminal.
  • We are here for you at the info desks in the Sport Centers Polyterrasse and Winterthur.

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Respectful behavior towards the ASVZ staff, the access control, the operating service and fellow athletes is required. In addition, our house rules and our understanding of fair play apply to the entire ASVZ sports program and to all members equally - so that we can all benefit from a functioning sports program with pleasure.

  • Access to ASVZ Sport Centers requires a successful membership check using the QR code from the ASVZ app at the Check-In-Terminal. This applies to all ASVZ members without exception, regardless of the form of activity in the ASVZ. The portrait photo is displayed at the check-in terminal for identification purposes.
  • Participation in guided sports activities (classes, courses, camps) requires a valid membership as well as a valid booking. For the fitness you do not have to sign up in advance (but you still have to check in before entering).
  • In case of prevention of participating, the booking must be removed within the deregistration period published in the corresponding detailed activity information page.
  • The equipment and the infrastructure must be taken care of. 
  • Disturbances, harassment and offences against public morality will not be tolerated.
  • Any kind of advertising, picture and video recordings are subject to approval. Recordings of third parties are not permitted without their prior consent.

The complete house rules and all fair play values can be found here.

The mass sports operations of the ASVZ with its 80,000 members can only function if all members observe the fair play principles and house rules. The following behaviors will result first in a reminder, then a warning in case of a repeat offence and finally an eight-day ban for the entire ASVZ sports program in case of a third offence:

  • Booking an activity and then not appearing
  • Non-compliance with the principles of fair play, for example participated in guided sports activities without a valid booking, not adhering to the house rules in sports rooms.

All ASVZ Sport Centers have check-in terminals that allow access by scanning the QR code in the ASVZ app. If you don't have a smartphone or don't want to use it for the check-in, you can purchase a physical check-in card for CHF 30 at the info desk in the Polyterrasse or in Winterthur. Please note the corresponding opening hours.

To check in, you will need to have a portrait photo in your ASVZ profile. The new check-in system includes a visual check, which allows us to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of ASVZ Cards. In this way, we can ensure fairness by allowing access only to ASVZ members. You can add your portrait photo with the convenient upload function in the settings of the ASVZ app. In addition, you have the possibility to do this through the online desk.

How to check in at ASVZ facilities:
1. Open the QR code by clicking on the card icon on the main page of the app.
2. Scan the QR code at the check-in when you enter the Sport Center.
3. If the terminal lights up green, you may access the Sport Center and your booked activity.
4. If the terminal lights up red, please check if your membership and/or registration are valid. If you are not sure, contact 044 632 42 10 or info@asvz.ch. You may only access the Sport Center if you get a green light from the terminal.

Would you rather watch a video on how to check in? Click here to see the how-to video.

If no QR code is displayed in the ASVZ app, log out, close the app, and log back in. If the QR code is still not displayed, reinstall the app.

Before you can book activities or events through the website or the ASVZ app, you need to register at schalter.asvz.ch and upload a portrait photo of yourself to your user data. Only after successful registration can you sign up online for lessons and slots for fitness or other offers such as courses, camps, etc.

Booking classes

  • Guided sports activities (classes, courses, camps) require a valid booking. Background information on the online enrollment can be found here.
  • Check about times and places ahead of time.
  • Click on the «Einschreiben» button to sign up for the desired class.
  • In the ASVZ app you will see your booking and the QR code will allow you to access the Sport Centers.
  • If you are unable to attend or cannot attend in time, you must cancel your booking within the correct notice period for the sport in question.
  • If you are not present at the start of the class, your spot will be released and you will no longer be entitled to it.

Signing up for other activities

  • Decide ahead of time for what you want to sign up and check the booking details on the website or the ASVZ app.
  • Find out about alternative activities ahead of time, in case your desired activity is fully booked.
  • The sign-up button is activated at 10 a.m. on the day that booking opens.

At asvz.ch and on the ASVZ app for iOS and Android, you will find a clear and compact overview of the latest news and all the information you need on the ASVZ sports program and facilities.

Mobile app
The free ASVZ app is your day-to-day tool that gives you a simple and up-to-date overview of all our sports activities. Use the star button to add classes or courses/camps etc. to your favorites, which creates your personal sport schedule on the app’s home page. Signing up for classes is quick and easy with the app: once you’ve logged into your profile in the app settings, you can sign up with just one click.

The ASVZ app is your personal access to the Sport Center, because you check-in at the terminal using the QR code.
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Would you like to receive news, useful information and inspiring articles directly in your inbox? About four times a year, we send out an ASVZ infomail with the latest important news relating to the ASVZ. You can also stay up to date with infomails from your preferred sports. 
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Social Media 
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Language in communication
We consider sports and the ASVZ to be an opportunity to get to know the local culture and language. For this reason, we generally communicate only in German.

  • You can buy padlocks for the lockers at the info desk for CHF 10 or you bring your own padlock.
  • The info desks offer fairly priced sport items including sport and shower towels, shower gels, badminton rackets or table tennis balls.
  • Merchandising articles such as bidons, sports or shoe bags and black rolls are offered in the ASVZ online shop (managed by Ochsner Merchandise).
  • If you lose something, ask the facility management whether your item has been handed in.

We want our program and infrastructure to meet our members' needs and expectations as much as possible.

That is why we are very interested in what you think. Send us your comments and suggestions by e-mail at info@asvz.ch.

There are 23 sports associations affiliated with the ASVZ which cover high-performance and competitive sports in particular. If you would like to practice your sport on a more ambitious level or if the ASVZ tournaments are not performance-oriented enough for you, then you have the possibility of joining one of these sports associations.
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The website of the Sports Department of the City of Zurich features a list of more than 500 sports associations, sport schools and public gym halls.
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